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99% of aspiring recording artists don't make it in the music business because their common knowledge is the wrong knowledge.
In most cases, it begins and ends the same.
Story About The Music Business
Let's begin with a brief...
And then before you know it... THE SHARKS WERE CIRCLING!

And since this average up and coming recording artist did not know anything about the business side of the music business...

                SHE WAS EATEN ALIVE!
Once upon a time, an aspiring recording artist had an innocent dream of becoming the next singing sensation in the music business... and the waters were calm.
The End
                             They Masquerade

It's sad but true.  Most people who claim they are a part of the music business (i.e., managers, agents, scouts, etc.) are not.  As a matter of fact, they really don't even know what the music business is.  At least, not exactly.

In analogy, this is how most people see the music business...
Don't get me wrong.  The music business is not a Greek sculpture, per say.  But it is a finely tuned specific thing that is crystal clear once you know exactly what it is!

Unfortunately, most aspiring recording artists are so attracted to the pursuit of fame and fortune that they completely neglect the business side of the music business.  And in most cases, aspiring recording artists don't know a thing about the business side of the music business; nor do they know how to learn.  Granted, plenty of one hit wonders have come and gone over the decades leaving a false impression of how to make it in the music business.

                                  What is a one hit wonder?

A one hit wonder is a recording artist, singing group, or band with a record deal based on one song with hit potential in their repertoire.  The record company will soak every penny out of the hit song while the artist(s) does live performances.  But as soon as the song has run its course, the recording artist disappears.  But you don't notice because the next one hit wonder pops up just before the previous one vanishes.

[Homework: There is a Tom Hanks movie titled, "The Wonders" based on this concept. If you haven't seen it yet, give it a gander]

                                      Shark Tank
They perceive the music business as an abstract because it's just one big mystery.  Hence, it is common to connect-the-dots with bits and pieces of misinformation until you come up with something as confused and chaotic as an abstract painting.

In reality, the music business is exactly like this...
There are plenty of sharks in the music business.  As a matter of fact, sharks run the music businessBut this is not the problem.  At least not the immediate one.  As an aspiring recording artist, your main problem will be the myriad of sharks that pretend to be in the music business.  The difference is you can make legitimate deals with the real music business sharks.  The pretenders are on the front lines, patiently waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting and naieve starry-eyed dreamers.  They are very good a pulling the wool over your eyes when you don't know any better.
                              What have we learned so far?

- The average person has no idea what the music business is, exactly.
- The average person has no idea how the music business works.
- Most (if not all) the people you initially meet claiming to be in the music business
   (as managers, agents, scouts, etc.), are not.
- As an aspiring recording artist, you will encounter the pretend sharks who
  take advantage of you and your dreams, time and time again.
- Not knowing what the music business is or how it works, the chances of you
   reaching the desk of the real sharks who run the music business are slim.
- Most aspiring recording artists don't even realize these problems exist!

                     The Real Sharks
Contrary to popular belief, the music business is not run by musicians.  But rather, it is run by businessmen.  And these businessmen run the record companies where you aspire to get a recording contract/record deal.  Suffice it to say, every single one of these businessmen work in the same business format.  Unfortunately, the aspiring recording artist has no idea what that format is.  And neither do those pretend sharks who convince you to give them your time and money.

As an aspiring recording artist, the real sharks are who you want to deal with.  They are the ones who control those lucrative recording contracts.  They are sharks in the sense that everything they do is to benefit the record company they represent.  This includes giving YOU the worst record deal possible.  In essence, you will make little to no money on the deal.  They call this the Standard Contract.  It is tailor made to benefit the record company in every possible way.  Not you!  And in many cases, leave the recording artist in debt to the record company.  Hence, the second CD release (and sales) is to pay of this debt.

[Homework: To get an idea about the real (record company) sharks, check out the judges on the reality TV show, Shark Tank]
When we see a new recording artist make their debut with a new hit single playing on practically every radio station, they appear to be an overnight success.  Granted, there are a few Cinderella stories out there.  But the vast majority of new recording artists have worked long and hard to finally make it to the real sharks only to be offered the standard contract deal.  And time will tell if they stay around past their first CD.  If you're lucky, you'll get a second CD release.  After that, you disappear.

                   How does an aspiring recording artist      
                   really make it in the music business?

The harsh reality is very grim for the aspiring recording artist.  Most are like lambs strolling through a lion's den.  Unfortunately, no school, course, or seminar will answer this question; they only blow smoke around it.  Mainly because they only understand a few aspects within the music business; different pieces of the puzzle but never the complete picture.  Have you ever heard a successful recording artist attribute their success to a music school, course, or seminar?  Even when armed with what they teach, aspiring recording artists continue to fail.

THE ONLY WAY to make it in the music business is to first understand what exactly the music business is, reinforced with how it actually works!  This alone is enough information to help you instantly recognize those pretend sharks who claim they're in the music business because they won't know what you know.  They can only fool you, when you don't know any better.
                            Where can I learn this information?

It's not encouraging to learn that all the aspiring recording artist has to look forward to is having to get past the pretend sharks, only to have to deal with the real sharks.  And they all want to take advantage of you one way or another.  But there is a way to avoid all of this heartache and disappointment.

anyone (this includes the aspiring recording artist, as well) can learn all the necessary steps to take the aspiring recording artist from rehearsing in the garage to the recording studio to the most lucrative first time record deal possible!

- Learn what the music business is and what it is not!

- Avoid all the pretend sharks waiting to take advantage of your dreams!

- Avoid having to sign the standard contract that only benefits the record company!

The recording artists who have been around year after year releasing CD after CD several times over are the ones who began their careers with the record companies offering them a deal other than the standard contract deal.

- Learn how to get the record companies to offer YOU a deal other than the
  standard contract deal!

             Discover what's been holding you back!

Typically, aspiring recording artists surround themselves with many like-minded individuals. But not a single one of them understands a thing about the business side of the music business... or how the music business works!  And what little they do understand typically is not the music business at all.

Now anyone can go from practicing in the garage to laying tracks in the recording studio... to the most lucrative first time record deal.

- Learn what the music business is and is not!
- Learn how to recognize and avoid the myriad of pretend sharks!
- Learn how to avoid the standard contract deal!
- Learn how to get the real sharks to come to you!
- Learn how to get the record company to offer a lucrative first time record deal!
- Learn how to get the record company to offer a $250,000 advance!

In addition, the knowledge in this book can turn anyone with ambition into the most productive manager of any aspiring recording artist or act.  After all, the manager's job is to get the recording artist the most lucrative record deal possible.

This knowledge will keep everyone in your organization on the same page.  In addition, it's reinforced with easy to follow flow charts to keep you on track.

Don't get into the music business without knowing anything about the business!

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If the record company offers you the standard contract deal, they perceive you as an amateur that they can take advantage of; and they will.  And once you sign the standard contract deal, you're committing your career as a recording artist to doom.  No other record company will sign you after this!

On the other hand, if the record company offers you a deal other than the standard contract deal, it means they see you as a professional.  Hence, they see their own work format in your methods and THEY RESPECT YOU FOR IT!  They see you as their equal (knowledgeable) and will treat you accordingly.

               These are the deals that will make you real money!

Most aspiring recording artists spend thousands of dollars not realizing they only learn bits and pieces of the music business that get them nowhere.  How much are YOU willing to invest to get the BIG PICTURE of the music business (what it is and is not) and finally be able to avoid years of heartaches and disappointments?

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