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Based on the four gospels and the Sister Act franchise, this fun-filled family oriented musical drama consists of 30 original songs with catchy tunes and memorable lyrics that introduce a new variety of Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, and Light-Rock genres that everyone will enjoy.
(A Sister Act Story)
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Dream Team Snap Shot
Dee Downing
Monika Alexander
(Executive Producer)
Kelly Bradley
(Voiceover Specialist)
Lights... Cameras... Take Action!
We recently completed the "A New Testament Gospera (A Sister Act Story)" soundtrack.  That's all 30 songs in a two act set.  For your listening pleasure the two acts are available separately.  For now, join us by getting familiar with the music so that when you see us live you can sing along.  To help put the production on stage, download your favorite single(s) or an entire act from iTunes.  Happy listening and we hope to see you soon in-person.
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Brief And To The Point...
Carl Mitchell
Kaitlyn Snow
Pierre Jovan
(Record Producer)
A self-conscious and shy, yet remarkably witty, sister of a local Parish suffers a traumatic ordeal that teleports her to biblical times. There she stumbles upon a plot executed by dark forces that would prevent Christianity from ever coming into existence. As her jump on history instills a newly found boldness, she must overcome the commonplace sexist attitudes that threaten her attempts to intervene. In addition, the disciple Judas (intimidated by her unorthodox ideas and now gutsy attitude for a woman), is determined to derail her every effort. Will an unprecedented 21st century way of thinking be enough to save Christianity?
Ethan Kemp
Chiquita Redd
Tony Duwon
Chris Downing
(Thailand Affairs)
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